Monroy Competes in the Stroke For Egypt 10K Swim

02/23/2015 10:25

Hurghada, Egypt.

Monroy was humbly invited to participate in the Stroke for Egypt Acadamy where she represented USA alongside fellow teammates Lexie Kelly, Evan Kraus, and Jenny Perrey.  The 5K and 10K open water swim races were completed in the warm crystal clear waters of the Red Sea, located in Hurghada, Egypt.  The Adacamy also consisted of numerous water polo events with teams from various countries.  USA placed first in the 10k swim in both male and female.

Megan says, "The waters of Egypt are absolutely incredible. The 10k race like swimming over a fish tank.   My team was a blast and we shared memories from this event that will last a lifetime! One of my favortie parts from the event was watching (and helping) the mile long Egyption flag be swam out to sea while the war helicopters flew above to capture an image from above."

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