Entering Utah

05/04/2013 21:28


This is Utah. Only heard of this Utah but never knew it existed.  It's kinda pretty, in a non-ocean and sand kind of way..

During my last visit through Utah, my friend and I walked around town with fake tatts on our faces and necks.  There were no warm feelings of Utah then, or ever, well until some things changed my mind recently...

Why go to Utah? A race.  A rather challenging race.  It was on the same weekend as Wildflower which is one of my favorite races for an overwhelming number of reasons.  But I was drawn to racing Utah (St. George) over Wildflower.  St. George 70.3 was declared one of the toughest 70.3 courses on the circuit with roughly 3,200 foot elevation gain on the bike course and 1,600 foot elevation gain on the run course meaning there weren't much of flat grounds.  What attributed to St. George being one of the toughest 70.3 races on the circuit was not just because the unforgiving amount of hills, or the potential for high heat and winds, but the solid competitive line-up.  I saw the list of competitors and there were plenty of recognizable names.  The decision to race Utah was easy: new grounds, new challenge, new adventure.  Perfect.  So I signed up.

Race day didn't play out according to plan.  But let's face it, what ever does?  Dissappointing?  Yes, but every race you learn.  You learn you want to go back for more.  Always.  I learned, also, what it's like to take in too many calories while racing.  Simply stated, I just took too much this day.  I figured that in the few other 70.3's I had raced, I didn't take in enough calories so this time I was on a mission to get plenty of calories down.  Turns out too much is just as bad as not enough.  Opps.  Somewhere there is an in between, a middle nutrition grounds. Those middle grounds I feel are drawing nearer.  They say experience helps in this distance, and now I see why.  Nutrition is a bigger deal than presumed. 

Through this, the race goes on as most do.  It goes on as best as possibly can and in doing so there were no regrets.  Putting the best foot forward.  Always. 

Heres the photo diary of a wonderful trip in Utah...


The sneak peek to racing St George 70.3 in the cutest race gear, Salty Coconuts.  Very excited over the brand new partnership with this fresh, fun, and functional budding ladies triathlon apparel line.  Full support ahead!  Where will you see Salty Coconuts next??  Photographed here is my Fast Kitty bra top and shorts, and Silver Neon Pink Mama top as well as my Rudy Project helmet and Hypermask Sunglasses.


Gearing up to race!!  Huge thanks to the companies that help getting to these races possible.  These are the companies that support the athlete and know the athlete- check 'em out!  Clif Bar (favorite nutrition on the market and they know very well the importance of protecting the places we play); Continental Tires (have never failed me and hold quite strong-I race on tubulars); Rudy Project helmets and sunglasses (their helmet literally saved my brains in a crash a couple years ago, and the company has phenomenal customer service);  Zensah (cute compression wear that has helped my legs recover from massive workout beatings and of course come in pink); Reflect Sports (saves my skin on long days in the saddle with the one and only Hoo Ha Ride Glide and the amazing rid-hair-from-chlorine hair care line. Secret just for you click here for an additional 20% off); Soleo Organics (Sunscreen straight from the Aussies who know how to make a sunscreen that is good for your skin while battling skin cancer), and HUUB wetsuits (superior technology create the perfect comfy, fast, durable, perfect fit suit). 


Warming my heart to Utah as we gazed over the start of the race where the 1.2 mile swim would take place..


From these waters, athletes hopped on their bikes and away we rode into the Utah mountains .. See below.

Another thank you to John Cobb with Cobb Cycling (providing properly fit cranks and a very comfortable time trial/triathlon saddle; amazing), Jim Manton with Ero-Sports for dialing in the perfect bike fit once again, and Jones Bicycles for so much help in keeping my bikes functioning properly.

I was asked by Cobb Cycling, "What is your jouney?" So I responded: I will go to the grave knowing I gave 110% in living a full life in doing what I love, doing what matters, in and outside of sport. Whatever it takes. No "what if's." No regrets.

Bike course beauty.  Utah isn't so bad afterall!


See.. (below) The march in putting my best foot forward to get to the finish line. 

First race ever the outfit alone made additional cheers. With that, it's a keeper! Go Salty Coconuts!!

 Always good to hear random cheers throughout the day from these two favorite folks (below), as well as from Nancy, @Monique Fletcher, Deanne's hospitality, and the various others on and off the course, you know who you are :).  Thank you so much!

My final finishing time was 5:05 resulting and in 9th place.


Found some decent food in St. George.  Below are crab cakes, cream soda, and melt-in-your-mouth mushroom ravaloi from The Painted Pony.

Post race adventures were in Zion.  We walked right up to an adorable baby deer and came across a pan-handling squirrel. For the love of animals!

Sitting looking up at the big world around, I know there is still lots to learn.  Still lots to see.

Yesterday is history. Tomorrow's a mystery.




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