Riding the Rockies Picture Book.

06/30/2012 16:28

It was a 6 day ride through the Rockies. 

Start: Gunnison, Colorado.

Finish: Fort Collins, Colorado.  

Dates: June 9-15th, 2012.

Day 1

Gunnison to Hotchkiss. 

North rim of Gunnison Natinoal Park (below).


Day 2

Hotchkiss to Carbondale.

After an evening with my bike family bros, which included fine dining and a brief episode of thumb surgery at "Atha's Place" (our one night bike family home), I woke up, and rode to Carbondale.


Day 3

Carbondale to Leadville.

This day broke me to the core.  Long day on the chair. I can easily say it was one of my toughest days on my bike, ever.  Granted I did ride an extra 15 miles on top of the 83 mile route coming off of a surpurb late night.


Day 4

Leadville to Granby.  Two mountain passes- Ute and Fremont Pass.

Fremont Pass below.

Below is the long dirt road, about 10 miles or so.

And the day was polished off with more quality time with the bike bro family and the cheese platter..


Day 5

Granby to Estes Park. Trail Ridge Rd. and Milner Pass.

And then I made it to the clouds!!!!....

12,200ft elevation


Day 6

Estes Park to Fort Collins. 

Ride start view.  Estes Park below.


This last day, the ride was short and quick.  There was no time for photos this day.

The finish line was serious business and all cheers.  The end.

Well, actually,  I forgot to mention some of the runs, but here is a peek at one of the run photos.


Big, big thank you to:  Continental Tires for dependable and quality tires, Team Clif Bar for providing all of my tasty nutrition, Rudy Project for providing  stylish and functional sunglasses and helmet,  Newton Running for a quality running shoe, Felt for making a great bike, Zensah compression wear for recovery, Soleo provided chemical free sun protection, Alpha Helix providing comfy and quality customized cycling outfits, and EFX.


check out www.ridetherockies.com for more info.


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