1st Overall Female Finisher at Wildflower Olympic Triathlon 2012!

05/06/2012 18:25

May 6th, 2012.

Lake San Antonio, CA.-

Monroy takes the field at the beautiful Lake San Antonio pulling ahead of the second finishing female with a 3 minute gap.  Megan's favorite race of all time, challenging and beautiful, it's been her dream to do what she has today!

Three weeks ago she had an unexpected rough race over in San Diego at Oceanside 70.3  which she needed to overcome mentally along with a few stressors in her life that were distracting Megan leading up to Wildflower.  Five days out from the race, I caught up with her  in a brief meeting.  "I really have no idea what to expect at this race.  It's really  a toss up in the air, but I'm always hoping for the best.  Super pumped to go set up my yellow pop-up tent.  We're goin camping!  It's been awhile.  The weekend definitely calls for good times,"  is what she told me.   Little did we all know Megan's camping adventure and uncertain thoughts about the race would predict an overall win at Wildflower.

Wildflower was Megan's very first Olympic distance race 3 years ago.  She says, " Three years ago I remember watching the pros race the day before my event and watching Andy Potts as the first pro to cross the finish line.  He was my favorite.   Andy crossed that finish line in such style, high-fiving fans in the finishing chute, crossing the line with his kid on his shoulders, truly enjoying the moment.  So inspiring!  Then and there I decided that when I race [tomorrow] I'm totally going to go enjoy those last moments in the finishing chute, something I hadn't done before.  In previous races, I just gave those last moments what I had!   My day of racing came and thoughts of an enjoyable finish were in mind.  Ending the race, finish chute drawing nearer, I turned behind me checking to make sure no (female) competitors were in sight.  And there wasn't, only two large men running side by side behind me.  High-fives I gave with a huge smile on my face.  Happy in the moment.  And also in that moment I see a girl in my age group run sprinting past me 10 yards from the finish line to steal my 3rd place (age group) finish!  She must have been tucked up behind those two male runners I saw behind me.  All to enjoy those precious moments in the finish chute, just like Andy.  Since then, I decided I had some redemption for next time around.  So this year,2012, I ran through that same finish chute for the overall victory, and with a big smile."

On a serious note, Megan wanted to make sure I knew that she dedicated this race to her Uncle living and fighting every day against Parkinson's Disease.  She crossed the finish line on his behalf. 

Congratulations Megan!  Good to hear you had a great weekend!  Rest up and we will be cheering for you at your next race: ITU World Triathlon San Diego.  Good Luck!





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