AG - Age Group /  OA - Overall Female


Result Highlights Include:


1st Overall                                           Water Ski Speed Race Marathon (grassroots) single ski, Lake Elsinore, CA



3rd OA Female                                    Rock2Rock Catalina to San Pedro Prone Paddle Board Race



4th OA Female                                   10K Open Water Swim Race, Stroke For Egypt, Hurghada Egypt                                             



1st OA Female                                    Carpinteria Olympic Triathlon

1st OA Female                                    Malibu International Distance Relay



*Ranked in the top 1% in the world in AG for IROMNAN Overall (70.3).

15th Place                                           70.3 World Championships

8th Place AG                                       USAT Nationals Olympic

3rd Place AG, 5th OA Age Grouper         Vineman 70.3 (qualifies for Worlds 2013 in Vegas)

2nd OA Female                                    Bonelli Olympic

1st OA Female                                     Bayshore 70.4

Qualifies for Boston                              Huntington Beach Surf City Marathon (first ever marathon)



*Ranked 11th Age Group in the Nation by USAT

1st Overall Female                             Wildflower Olympic

1st Overall AG Female                        LA Triathlon

1st Place AG                                     San Diego World ITU Triathlon

4th Place AG                                     Nationals Olympic (qualifies for Worlds in London 2013)

1st OA Female                                  Bayshore 70.4

3rd Place AG                                    Oceanside 70.3

4th Place AG                                    Huntington Beach Surf City Half Marathon



*Out for the majority of the triathlon season from injury

*Qualifies for pro card

1st OA Amateur                              LA Triathlon

1st OA Age Grouper                        Regional Championships- Pacific Coast Triathlon, CA (1st race back into the 2011 season)

2nd Place                                        California State Criterium Bicycle Racing Championships

1st OA                                            Seal Beach, CA- 5K run



*4 overall wins in 2010, USAT ranked All American Honors and 36th AG in the Nation            

1st OA Age Grouper                         Wildflower-Olympic  

1st OA Female                                The Mega Lifeguard Endurance event  

4th Place AG                                    Ironman 70.3 California (1st ever @ this distance)                            

1st OA                                            Regional Olympic Distance Championships



*2009 USAT All American Honorable Mention Triathlete

1st Place AG, 2nd OA Amateur           LA Triathlon-Olympic                         

4th Place AG                                   Wildflower,CA-Olympic (1st ever at this distance)     

2nd Place AG                                   Regional Olympic Distance Championships



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