Catching up on the Inbetween- The Off Season

03/17/2014 16:02
March 2014-Hello.  Its been awhile since my last blog!  But for good reasons!  As many of you know and some embrace, the life of an athlete gets out of control busy.  Sometimes it's good to step back for a bit, reflect, breathe, reconnect with what really...

A Word About the World, ...World Triathlon Championships 70.3

09/15/2013 17:45
Sept 2013- Honestly feel like I’ve been living in a little dream for a while now…  What a world, what a year, what a month, what a day. And with that said, words of the day:  “Vegas Baby, Vegas!” By this I mean World Championships of the 70.3 distance triathlon, otherwise known as the...

2013 USAT Olympic Nationals, Cheese, and Anti-Lance Testing.

08/10/2013 17:59
August 10th, 2013 Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Olympic Distance Triathlon- 1 Mile swim, 40k bike, 10k run.   I came out here to race; to race and to find the finest cheese. Let’s talk cheese first.  I found it alright. I was in Wisconsin, the land of cheese!  You live once and I would...

The War

07/20/2013 10:47
July, 2013. Vineman 70.3 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, and 13.1 mile run triathlon.   This day meant war.   I prepped by eating war food... I prepped in private war territory... I wore war paint... I dressed in war attire...   To win my war meant to win a slot to Worlds 70.3...

Entering Utah

05/04/2013 21:28
May,2013. This is Utah. Only heard of this Utah but never knew it existed.  It's kinda pretty, in a non-ocean and sand kind of way.. During my last visit through Utah, my friend and I walked around town with fake tatts on our faces and necks.  There were no warm feelings...

A Marathon Blog

02/17/2013 19:13
Feb 2013- Huntington Beach, Surf City Marathon. Two words:  Brutally awesome. It was a first time adventure.  Actually, it was my first time running 26.2 miles, ever.   I knew it was going to hurt, for my lil running legs were just far from ready.   But a new challenge...

Why is Continental Cool?

02/17/2013 10:46
  Feb 2013- Story begins in 2010 in the dirt trails of San Antonio.  Im freshly into my new sport of triathlon, on my new beautiful blue baby  time trial bike loaded with carbon race wheels and Continental tubular tires.  I head out into the road for a gentle spin the...

Off Season!

10/22/2012 22:30
  Off season!!!!   Fresh out of the ocean!  Love time spent in the ocean...      Race for fun.  Seal Beach Triathlon 2012!  First triathlon in Seal Beach since 1987-when my Dad raced in it!  Keepin the family history alive!     Beautiful...

Interbike 2012!

09/22/2012 21:57
Sept 2012- Las Vegas, NV- Interbike 2012 !! Meet the man behind the tire...   Hanging out with George Hincape (pro cyclist).   Some more interbike stuff:  The very lovely new Fizik tri shoe, fun at the Clif Bar booth, and more!   And new Lifeproof...

Riding the Rockies Picture Book.

06/30/2012 16:28
It was a 6 day ride through the Rockies.  Start: Gunnison, Colorado. Finish: Fort Collins, Colorado.   Dates: June 9-15th, 2012. Day 1 Gunnison to Hotchkiss.  North rim of Gunnison Natinoal Park (below).   Day 2 Hotchkiss to Carbondale. After an evening with my...
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