2011 lost in the making... or was it not?

01/20/2012 23:47

2011, it came and it went.  Lost in the little moments.  Drifted in to and out of reality, in a daze…  on my bike, in the pool, on the run….  yearning to race.  September rolled around and my season was on.  Two races.  Both brewed with passion.  Started and ended the brief season with a win.  The majority of the year was filled with criterium (bike) races.  Back in  June, I packed up my stuff one night and left the next morning headed to Colorado to ride the Rockies.  Too much world to see, too little time.  Exploration is freedom.  Came home to place second at State Criterium Championships held in Brentwood, California.  Then came summer.  The ocean; it sits, calmly, then wildly, but it still waits.  Once swore I’d never let it go.  Promise I never will.  Was only a few years ago we’d cruise the coast every morning of every day for a decent wave.  Surf all morning, then stare into the glisten all day, every day, every summer.  It never got old.  Never will.  Now winter hit, and so did 2012.  Stepping outside a box so fragile, breaking through limitations every day.  Into an unknown hole of excitement, jumping right in, under and up over the hurdles.  Leaping with everything I’ve got.  Nobody said life came easy.  Play at your own risk.  A new year, who cares.  Every day is a new beginning, every minute of every day is something new, something special, but only once we let it be… 


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