2013 USAT Olympic Nationals, Cheese, and Anti-Lance Testing.

08/10/2013 17:59

August 10th, 2013

Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Olympic Distance Triathlon- 1 Mile swim, 40k bike, 10k run.


I came out here to race; to race and to find the finest cheese.

Let’s talk cheese first.  I found it alright. I was in Wisconsin, the land of cheese!  You live once and I would be in Wisconsin only once I’d imagine.  Too much to do in this world and too little time.  So with that said, I went on a mission to find the best cheese.

In the end, may only the best tasting, top quality, heaven sent cheese win! 

And that winner, drum roll please,…….******….. came in the form of Jim’s Cheese- Chocolate Cheese Fudge.   


Time to talk racing; racing and triathloning.  If you know Olympic distance racing, you know about USAT Nationals.  It is held once a year and each athlete must earn the right to race this event by qualifying for it earlier in the year.  Top Olympic distance athletes from around the Nation come out to race this event.

The race itself didn’t go well for me.  It was supposed to.  I was fired up to race the top Olympic distance triathletes in the Nation.  It was my run that suffered.  My run split wasn’t my usual, or even close to it.  I came in 8th.   Last year I came in 4th.  Oh well.  On to the next race! 

Outside of performance, the venue was incredible.  USAT Nationals was held right in the heart of downtown Milwaukee along the coast of the beautiful Lake Michigan.  I’ve never seen anything like it.


Dad took some good photos...

Salty Coconuts Fast Kitty kit, Rudy Project Helmet and Sunglasses.


So, about the Anti-Lance testing.  I’m referring to Lance Armstrong and the testing that gloriously busted his many years of doping.  Anyhow, this agency continues to test athletes in highly competitive sports in the effort to keep our sports clean.  So why is it that I bring up such a random subject?  Well during this race in Milwaukee, the second I crossed the finish line at Nationals, a member from  the dope control took me by the arm and led me to a testing tent were I camped out for a bit alongside other athletes in for testing.  There I stayed to test for illegal substances in my system.  Not the grandest of experiences but I truly do appreciate the US Anti-Doping Agency’s efforts to keep the sport clean.  Heck, if they can bring down Lance, it would be nice to crack down on all dirty, rotten cheaters disrespecting not only their clean competition but disrespecting their very own sport.


Wisconsin!  That was it at a glance.  I highly recommend Milwaukee for a visit in your lifetime... 


Also, Chicago isn’t bad either.  Take a peek if you’d like…


Dinner from 96 stories above the city..


Out of the bubble..

On the beach..


Continental in the City..


Swimming in the City..

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