California Ironman 70.3 Race Report

03/31/2010 18:48

The official results came up today.  Fourth place in my age division.  Swim 28:48, T13:49, Bike 2:42:17, T2 1:45, Run 1:42:28, finish time 4:59:06. Goal to finish under 5 hours accomplished!!

I had no idea what to expect for this one.  It was my first Half Ironman!  I figure, “go strong, and do my best.”  I knew all the training better pay off.

A week and a half leading up to the race,  I caught the nasty virus that was going around.  We are so strong as athletes, but fall weak to the smallest of germs.  Thought it would clear from my system within a day or two but the congestion lingered all the way up to race day. 

Arrived in Oceanside Friday to some beautiful,  warm weather and there was talk it was suppose to be even nicer come race day!  And, of course, it was.

The 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike ride, and half marathon run was about to begin and I wasn’t even as nervous as I thought I might be.   After a brutal, over-crowded, 59 degree harbor swim, I came out of the water with a decent time and feeling pretty good.  The bike portion was going well except for the time  my chain fell off costing me only a minute or two of time.  We cycled along the coast and through Camp Pendleton.   At one point on the bike the cross winds hit us so hard we were cycling at a tilt! Ha!  Great course though and so pretty!

When I hit the run,  I was still feeling strong and went out at a decent  pace.  I was flying high until mile 10 of the run, or mile 67, of the race when I hit the wall and my body wanted nothing more to do with it.  There is no option of quitting, so I gave all I had and all I had left for those last 3 miles which was a slow jog and sometimes walk.  Later I learned it was some nutritional mistakes.  Oh well- you live, you learn.

Although I did accomplish my goal of breaking the 5 hour mark, it was a good learning experience.  It's only the first of many to come.

When your body is ready to give up, you quickly find whether your mind will succumb to quitting or find that fire within to push you through, not give up, embrace the pain, and keep going.  If you want it bad enough, there always seems to be just a little more to give just when you think you've given your all.




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