Injuries and Illness, again. Really?

02/06/2011 19:45

Take away something you love and you go crazy.  Take away running for 5 months and I went insane.

It all began in late July of 2010.  A lifeguard endurance event left my calf out for the count.  It wasn't until late August, 2 weeks out from Nationals, when it became a problem.  The pain in my shin was so bad I had nothing to do but stop running.  Went to Nationals anyways, where I had a fantastic crash on my bike, then managed to somehow cross the finish line. I then came home to heal.  A week or so later, I managed to pick up that terrible lung virus going around, but recovered just in time to go to Pureto Rico!  The day of my flight, I developed a stress fracture in the metatarsals of my right foot.  Came home from Puerto and healed up late December just to pick up another flu for the month of January, 2011.

It was a windy road.... but the little hurdles only make us stronger....


Still got in some great training and workouts on the bike and in the pool!

100 x 100 yds with the gang..


Thank goodness for encouraging, knowledgable, and wonderful friends and family to help get through this.

Training views..


And then the running began again....  I was free.


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