LA Triathlon News- Monroy First Overall AG Female to Cross the Finish Line for Second Consequitive Year!

10/01/2012 07:58

Sept 30, 2012-

Los Angeles, CA.

13th Annual Los Angeles Triathlon post race article:

Monroy over took the second place finishing age group female be 8 minutes.  Huge congratulations to Monroy for finishing up her season with a win.

She quotes, "LA triathlon rocks!  It's local for me and was such a beautiful warm day of racing!  Unfortunately, despite my placement I was quite frustrated with some poor decisions I made

out on the course, especially the swim where I completely swam off course towards the end, by not just a little either.  But honestly it worked in my favor because I really do love spending

time in the water, especially in an ocean with decent surf.  Overall, despite the silly goofs,  it was another fun day out on my playgrounds!  Great folks once again, great weather, and amazing support!"




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