Monroy Runs Her First Marathon and Qualifies for Boston

02/03/2013 12:50

Huntington Beach

Februrary 3rd, 2013-

Surf City Marathon 2013.  Monroy enters her first marathon and qulaifies for Botson 2014. 

A personal victory, Monroy states, "I love a good beach run with a whole lot of fellow runners.  It was a rewarding new adventure in my home (surf) town.  The waves were so distracting they looked so good!  But three weeks before this run, I strained my hip flexor so it was my first time getting out for a good run in a while!  The run was so exciting until mile 20 came around.  The absolute pain was incredibly awesome.   The complete lack of training from my hip flexor issues really began to soak in. The mental battle, physical pain, and flat out struggle to the finish line began at mile 20 as I had to stop and walk more than what I thought was acceptable.  But I got there eventually, without my hip flexor bothering me.  And I got to that finish line with plenty of time to spare to qualify for Boston!  Victory!" 



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