OK, so I forgot to stretch.

04/27/2011 20:55

What is periformis syndrome? Appearantly it's a common thing, especially in triathletes.  Balancing 3 sports isn't the easiest thing.  Issues are bound to happen, especially when you neglect the importance of stretching.  Lesson learned.  My yoga days were taken over by life and its comes to haunt me.



Sciatic problems is what it comes down to.  With the help of a wonderfully talented sports doc, things are looking up!

In the mean time, we make do with what we have.... a beautiful world  and an able body (well, for the most part).  By the way have you heard of Parkinsons Disease?  Check it out.

At least I still can cycle and swim, well sort of. 

A training ride last weekend led me here after a last minute "I have no idea where this takes me" turn.   Wow, it feels good to be alive.

But, I'm in this life and in this sport for the long term, and realize things do need to heal properly.

In the short of things, my latest addition to my cup/bottle/mug collection explains it all..




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