Race on the Base Reverse Triathlon Race Report

03/02/2010 18:45

My dad signed up for this race first.   How could I not do a race with my dad?!  So I was in!

Weather forecast was predicting rain all day on Saturday, the day of Race on the Base.  We were all hoping for the best, but little did I know what we were in for!

10 am start.  The sky is darkening quickly , it begins to drizzle….  Bam!! The gun goes off and the race begins!  Not even half way into the run, it was already down pouring!

Heading into the cycle, the drops get thicker and the winds begin to pick up.  They said we had some 35mph wind gusts.  I was wondering how my dad was handling the winds at this point?  I thought of all the poor spectators and volunteers standing in the chaos?!  I saw my mom standing there  still trying to take photos-a dedicated fan.

When I came into transition from the bike leg, going into the swim, I was neck and neck with another woman.   I ran to the pool for the swim where I passed her and finished with a time of 58 minutes and the first lady to cross the finish line. 

My dad came in shortly after.  I later saw photos of him on his borrowed road bike where he’s happily waving to the camera while on his bike despite the down pour and 35mph wind gusts.   Great job, Dad!

Sometimes all you can do is make the best of the situation, smile, and appreciate what you’ve got.



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