Two First Place Overall Female Victories in One Week!

07/18/2010 18:14

Huntington Beach, CA-July 14th, 2010.

The Mega Colossus is a once a year Lifeguard Endurance Event consisting of 8 miles of beach running combined with 4 x 1K of ocean swimming.  Conditions were a bit less than favorable this year with water temps averaging 61 degrees.  Megan says “I absolutely love The Mega Colossus and its such a fun spirited event, but my only problem was that my feet and hands fell numb throughout the entire race with even my entire arms going numb at one point!”   She is the first female to cross the finish line and 21st overall.

Four days later she proceeds to an overall female victory at Strawberry fields Triathlon.  Her results hold strong and the future continues to look bright for the road ahead..


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