Weekend After Wildflower, Mega-Meg Brings Home Another Win in San Diego

05/12/2012 14:58

May 12, 2012- San Diego.

San Diego ITU World Triathlon.  She does it again.  Another victory.  First place age group at the very competitive field at today's Olympic distance triathlon.  Held in beautiful Mission Beach, San Diego, she finds comfort in her old neighborhood,  "This place was my old stomping grounds!  Absolutely love it here.  Last time I was really here hanging out,  I didn't even know what a triathlon was.  What I did know was where a good wave could be found on any given day, and there you'd more than likely find me; in the ocean, surfing.  I forgot how much I missed it here!"

Regarding the race, Monroy went into this race more from a fun perspective this time around with less focus than usual.  She says, "Today was my play race.  So I just gave it what I had and had fun with it.  The swim was in the bay and absolutely gorgeous.  I went out strong on the swim, held it until there was confusion as the currents pulled me off course a bit.  Finally out of the water and back on track, I hopped onto my bike, I rounded the first turn, hit a bump where I heard something hit my bike frame.  Didn't notice till a half mile or so later  when I reached to grab my water bottle.  I lost my water bottle a mile into the bike race when I hit that bump!  I instantly had curious thoughts of what would happen racing with little water would do. It was kind of exciting to see what would happen.   I didn't even know if there were aid-stations on the bike course but suddenly was saved when I came across one on mile 10.  Volunteers handed me a new water bottle and I was good to go!  Hill climbs, bumpy roads, narrow spots, turns galore; it was the wildest course I've raced on yet.  Almost like the bike course alone was an adventure but I gave what I had.  The run course was 2 loops- flat and pretty.  Overall awesome course." 

Another incredible performance for the up and coming athlete.  Back to back weekend wins.  Tomorrow is Mother's Day and the next is her Birthday.  Looking like the month is playing out nicely for Mega-Meg.





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