Why is Continental Cool?

02/17/2013 10:46


Feb 2013-

Story begins in 2010 in the dirt trails of San Antonio.  Im freshly into my new sport of triathlon, on my new beautiful blue baby  time trial bike loaded with carbon race wheels and Continental tubular tires.  I head out into the road for a gentle spin the day before my race.  A beautiful day out, I'm getting fired up seeing the road leads to dirt ahead.  Onward bound!  Adventure ahead!  Figured this off-road trail would give in back to road within a mile.  Who cares I was riding my race bike not meant for dirt trails, cause I sure didn't.  With that thought, I journeyed on, bumping over pot holes, rolling over rocks, up and back down mini hills.  My exciting little dirt trail continued on and on until where at mile 4 a quick thought of reality came to mind: "all this fun is going to be over if a tire flats. These tubular tires just were not made for dirt trails. They're probably going to hit one of these rocks or holes in the dirt and pop any second."  That day neither one of my tires flatted while I was mountain biking on my time trial bike.  Right then and there I became a Continental believer.  Proven toughness!  Proven strong!  That day in San Antonio my adventure was kept alive and I went on to have an amazing race the following day.  To this day, my tubular tires have been with me through thick and thin and have never let me down.  I train with Continental clinchers on both my time trial and road bikes- keeping the adventures and dream alive!  Theres no turning back from Continental tires.  Ever. 


Conti's go big!  (a day at work wheel)


Conti's proven strong!   (Ulf the man behind the tire)



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