Wildflower 2011 Discussed.

05/11/2011 21:51

Lake San Antionio, May 1, 2011-

“So what was up with Wildflower, Mega Meg?”

MM-“I’m recovering from an injury, remember? ”

“Oh yea, how’s your back doing?”

MM- “It was a pinched sciatic nerve but its coming along nicely!  In that 5K I ran last month, my leg went completely numb the last mile of the race, and I had to stop running for a few weeks after.  I also could only spin easy and swim with no hard kicking.  But I was cleared to begin jogging last week (the week just before Wildflower)!  I was also cleared to cycle and swim hard again!  It’s why I made the decision to race at Wildflower, but just not to run, although the temptation was definitely there.   I dropped out just after the bike portion.  I didn’t want to reinjure myself. ”

“Well best to be smart about things and heal properly.”

MM- “I’m trying to but it was just so terribly hard dropping out of the race early considering my placement  and how good I was feeling coming off the bike.” 

“Meg, well, looking at your split times, you were in second place coming off the bike and you did have the 2nd fastest female bike split on the course.  The girl that was ahead of you ended up winning and she had a slow run split.  You could have had her.”

MM-“Oh well, who knows how the race would have ended if I pushed onward to the finish line.  But I do know how hard it was to end my race early.   I actually dropped my chain on the bike portion of the race at about mile 6 so I had to stop and fix that so I don’t know how I had the 2nd fastest bike split.  I wasn’t even trained properly for the bike considering when I pinched my sciatic, the 2.5 weeks after it happened, all I could do was spin (and swim) easy.   Maybe that accounts for why I felt so terrible on the swim.   Anyways, I ‘m focused on healing right now, and I’m in this life and in this sport for the long term so just trying to be patient.”

“Stay patient, Mega Meg, it will pay off.”

MM-“Thanks, but I’m not going to lie, despite the outcome, I was pumped to be out there racing and had a great time with an amazing group of folks. Super fun stuff, as usual.”


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