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Pam Lazzarotto Designs welcomes Monroy to the Team!

11/06/2015 10:45
Monroy partners with Pam Lazzarotto Designs as an athlete ambassador for the jewelry collection.  Pam's newest creations amongst other stunning piecies include triathlon jewelry.  The Sport Line caters to water, swimming and triathon enthusiasts... lots of blues and greens and all things...

Monroy Competes in the Stroke For Egypt 10K Swim

02/23/2015 10:25
Hurghada, Egypt. Monroy was humbly invited to participate in the Stroke for Egypt Acadamy where she represented USA alongside fellow teammates Lexie Kelly, Evan Kraus, and Jenny Perrey.  The 5K and 10K open water swim races were completed in the warm crystal clear waters of the Red Sea,...

Megan Adds Another Overall Victory to her Resume in the Name of Parkinson's Disease

09/28/2014 17:27
Monroy does it again! Megan captures once again another overall female victory at the beautiful Carpinteria Olympic Distance triathlon.  This comes as no surprise to those that know the natural athlete but to Megan this time around, the overall victory came as a pleasant surprise. After a bit...

Mega Meg Joins Team Slime to Dominate at Malibu Triathlon

09/20/2014 17:42
September 15, 2014- Malibu, California. Nautica Malibu International Distance Triathlon. All in the name of fun, Megan Monroy teams up with phenomenal runner Laura Conley, and professional open water swimmer Lexie Kelly to snatch a first place overall female team medal.  Great work, Team...

Monroy Partners with EndureDX Endurance Supplement to Give Fans a 20% Off Discount!

09/01/2014 19:09
October 2014- EndureDX Endurance Supplement. Monroy is pleased to announce her latest partnership with an endurance supplement she claims is her latest treasure find. Megan is sharing her discount code to all of her fans to receive 20% off everything:  MEGAMEG Click the picture to visit the...

BREAKING NEWS! Monroy's Birthday Swim Is a Success!

05/11/2014 18:03
May 2014- The party was complete with shots of Clif Shot in espresso flavor and a solid swim set in the shape of two M's. Happy Seahorse Birthday, Megan!

Catching up on the Inbetween- The Off Season

03/17/2014 16:02
March 2014-Hello.  Its been awhile since my last blog!  But for good reasons!  As many of you know and some embrace, the life of an athlete gets out of control busy.  Sometimes it's good to step back for a bit, reflect, breathe, reconnect with what really...

Race Performances in 2013 earn Monroy top 1% in the World

01/17/2014 15:38
Megan Monroy races her way in 2013 to the top one percent in the world in her Age Group for Ironman 70.3 distance.  Upon learning of the news, Megan responds, "I am very excited about this news! Just when I was thinking the last season was, 'mehh.' It was a change of focus year (from...

Go Big at the Holidays or Go Home. Monroy completes the 100 x 100yd Christmas Swim Once Again

12/28/2013 19:25
December 2013- A small group of swimmers gathers to complete the annual 100 by 100 yard Christmas swim workout without swim gear! Happy Holidays!  

A Word About the World, ...World Triathlon Championships 70.3

09/15/2013 17:45
Sept 2013- Honestly feel like I’ve been living in a little dream for a while now…  What a world, what a year, what a month, what a day. And with that said, words of the day:  “Vegas Baby, Vegas!” By this I mean World Championships of the 70.3 distance triathlon, otherwise known as the...

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